Who to Notify When You Are Moving

People And Organizations To Notify About Your Move

Who to Notify When You Are MovingWho are the most important people and organizations to notify when you are moving? An excellent question right?

Moving is a process that takes a lot of time and energy, more than many people are prepared for. There are so many things to do, especially once the boxes are packed and you head to your new home. One task that many people tend to put off is notifying everyone about the move, but it is a job that is a necessity if you want everything to go smoothly.

It is also something that can usually be done leading up to the move before everything gets hectic. Taking care of all your notifications now, before you are hauling boxes up the stairs, will pave the way for a successful transition and knock one thing of that long moving checklist.

Who to notify when you are moving is something lots of people forget about until they realize it has become a problem.

Working as one of the top Real Estate agents in Westborough Mass, I am often asked when people should be notified of their move. The timing, of course, is critical. Failure to notify necessary parties could become an issue in the not too distant future. Don’t let it become your problem!

Read on for a reminder of all the various parties that need to be told about your move. With this list in hand, you can make sure you are getting to everyone up to speed on where you’re headed. Be sure when packing for your move you don’t inadvertently put away all of your essential contact information for reaching these parties!


Your company will want to have an accurate address on file for you, so make sure and tell the organization you work for about your move. If you are leaving the employer for another job, giving enough notice is important. Two weeks is the minimum most employers expect, but a month or more may be more appropriate if you are in a professional position.

If you are making a transfer and staying with your current company, then you will still need to notify them when you are moving and check after the move to verify that your address has been changed.

Friends and family

Chances are your close friends and relatives are aware of your upcoming move, and may have even suggested some of their best moving tips, but sending out a group email or text giving your new address can still be helpful so they can update your contact info. Sometimes people forget to tell extended family and friends about a move. If you want anyone to be able to get in touch with you – or surprise you with gifts in the mail! – then letting them know about your new address would be a good idea.


When thinking about who to notify when moving, the local post office is probably the most important! You obviously could create real problems for yourself if you end up missing important pieces of mail. The U.S. Postal Service makes it easy to change your address online, or you can go into a post office and fill out a change of address form. When you notify the USPS, it will start forwarding your mail to the new address on the date you request. You can fill out the form ahead of your move and list whatever forwarding time you like. Keep in mind that there is a small fee for requesting forwarding online.

Current Landlord

Who Do I Let Know I'm Moving You want to make sure that you notify your landlord of your move in adherence with the terms of your lease. Most owners ask for 30 days notice, and will penalize you for moving before the end of your contract.


For obvious reasons the IRS is a necessary party to notify when you are moving. Can you imagine if you were audited or sent an important tax document and never received it? This would almost certainly cause a lot of undue stress. You can fill out an IRS change of address form and send it in to update your information with the tax organization. By updating, you make it easy for the IRS to send you any relevant documents.

Credit Card Companies

Using your credit card often requires inputting your current billing address. Unless you want to try and remember your old address every time you use a card, you should update your address with each card company. Updating your address will also ensure your statements come to you each month, which is important if you are not using paperless billing.

Insurance Providers

Your car insurance company bases your rates off of the area you live in and the way you store your vehicle, among other factors. Update your address with the insurer to make sure you don’t run into any problems should you need to file a claim. Home, health and life insurance companies are also very important parties to notify when you are moving so that appropriate documentation can reach you in a timely fashion. When moving it is quite possible you will want to go with local providers. Make sure you check out how to save money on insurance by bundling service providers.

Your Pets Veterinarian and Kennel

If you have a pet it will be important to notify your veterinarian and kennel. Remember your pets health history will be important for your new health provider to have. This is one of the things discussed in how to move with pets. Use these thirteen tips for moving with pets to make your life less stressful.

Government Agencies

If you regularly interact with any other government agencies, like the Social Security Administration, you will want to notify them of your new address to avoid any potential problems with payments and documents. You will also want to update your voter registration if necessary.

Bank or Credit Union

Your bank will need to know about your change of address. Update your address to make sure your banking documents come to you directly and so you can use your new address with any debit/credit cards you have with the bank.

Other Financial Institutions

Besides notifying your local bank don’t forget to inform any other financial institutions where you may have a portfolio of stock, bonds and mutual funds such as Charles Schwab or Fidelity. Not only will you want to be getting your monthly statements but even more important will be receiving any tax statements.


Don't Keep Your Move a SecretThe DMV will want to know about your change of address, even if you are not moving to a new state. It may give you a new government id with an updated address. If you move out of state, you will be expected to register your vehicle as well. Here is a list of department of motor vehicles in every state.


If you are moving to an address that is serviced by the same utility company at your previous address, you should be able to transfer service. Even if you are not using the same provider, you will want to notify utility providers about your move so you don’t pay for services you aren’t using after your move. See how you can notify two of the largest phone/internet providers below.


If you subscribe to any magazines, newspapers or other publications, you will want to let them know about your move. While notifying the post office of your relocation should help with receiving your subscriptions it is always wise to notify the vendors directly as well.

Medical Care Providers

Updating your address with any medical providers, like doctors, dentists and optometrists, is a good idea as well. By updating your information, you can ensure that any bills or other correspondence comes to your new home.


If you are going to school, or you have children in school, make sure to notify them about your address change. This should include both local schools as well as colleges if you have children attending them.

Other Miscellaneous People/Groups to Inform You’re Moving

  • Religious organizations such as a church or synagogue.
  • Gym or sports club.
  • Voter registration.
  • Charitable organizations or memberships.
  • Reward programs like frequent flier miles or hotel bonuses.
  • Car breakdown services such as Triple AAA.

How to Let People Know You Are Moving

Final Thoughts

Who to notify when moving out of state is probably even more important as you will be separating yourself by a greater distance. Many of these things mentioned in the list will become even more important as you settle into your new environment. By taking the time to notify everyone before you move there will be one less thing to do during the process. Be sure when organizing your things for storage you know exactly where to find all of the contact information for those you need to reach most.

Hopefully this check list of everybody you need to notify where you’re moving has been helpful!

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